Tracey Nowell, LMFT
Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Teens

Do you feel balanced and satisfied in your life? 
Or, do you feel overwhelmed with sadness and worry?

Sometimes life does not turn out the way we had hoped and it can feel out of control. Relationships that are supposed to enhance and support can become stressful and produce conflict.

Are you satisfied with your roles as friend, partner, parent, child, colleague, boss or sibling?
Could there be a better way for you to relate in these roles?

Whatever challenges you may be facing, you are not alone.

At some point in each person’s life, there is the need for support and guidance through various challenges.  It takes courage to seek support and make lasting life changes.  Seeking support demonstrates initiative, potential to heal, and a desire to develop a new way of participating in life.

As your therapist, I will provide a safe place for you to be heard and help you examine the issues you are facing. Together we can develop new tools and skills to utilize in creating the life you want.

I understand that the first step of seeking support is the hardest so I want to encourage you to contact me for a free initial consultation to see if I am the right therapist for you.

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